Pana-Nyama is situated in the warm heart of Malawi, Africa and is registered with the Brangus Cattle Breeders' Society of South Africa.

After breeding with other breeds of cattle in our commercial herd, we were never really satisfied with the results we got.  This forced us to research other breeds that would suit us best.  And the breed that kept popping up and catching our attention was the Brangus.  Contacting the Brangus Society of South Africa, they referred us to a South African Brangus breeder, Dries Delport, who coincidently was in Malawi at that time.  And the rest as they say, is history!  We are now the proud owners of some of the finest red Brangus breeding stock and are thankful to Dries Delport for this opportunity.

Our aim is to produce a moderate frame, thick, deep, powerful bodied animal and our cattle are selected for easy calving, fertility, carcase traits, structural soundness and temperament.  We select bulls with good EBVs across the board that will perform under our harsh conditions.  Our goal is to achieve a functional herd, with fertile animals that will do well for the stud breeders as well as commercial breeders - both feedlot and the veld.


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